Display technology has been progressed from heavy and big CRT to thin and potable flat panel display (FPD). FPD consists at least two types: TFT-LCD and AMOLED.

Typical flexible display players are SONY, sharp, Samsung, LGD, Plastic Logic, UDC,  AUO and etc. Products such as G Flex by LG, curved OLED TV, Galaxy Edge, Galaxy Gear Fit, Galaxy S6 Edge by Sumsung, and Apple Watch appears since 2013.

LG Electronics 55EC9300 55-Inch 1080p 3D Curved OLED TV (2015 Model)

We noticed that two players from China potentially could become big players: Visionox and Royole Corporation.

Original technology of Visionox came from Tsinghua Univeristy (one of the best university in China) since 1996.  Now Visionox has built 5.5 generation factory. They have overcome many challenges, including lifetime and stability. For example, one of the challenge is the reducing WVTR, Water Vapor Transmission Rate. A single layer of organic material provide a WVTR at  a few g/m2/day, while a ten-year lifetime device need WVTR drop to 10-6 g/m2/day. Visionox now have an IP portfolio with more than granted and pending patents.

Royole Corporation is based on both California US and Shenzhen China. Royole develops novel display technologies and related electronic products, and provides IP licenses, services and solutions. In August 2014, Royole demonstrated its thinnest (0.01mm) AMOLED full color and flexible display. Royole is attracting a lot of attention and we will see how this technology would impact the current display market in the next a few years.