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Nobel Prize Goes to Graphene

Graphene research has helped two physists Andre Gein and Konstantin Novoselov from University of Machesterwin the Nobel Prize in physics this year. Graphene material is a planar structure where carbon atoms form hexagonal cells through sp2 bond. Graphene is recogonized as it has many super electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. It is strongly beleived that graphene materials will revoluze the way we use materials. Although Read full article »

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Organizations and Websites for Nanotechnology Resources

Nanotechnology is a growing interdisciplinary technology. People from different background could work together to speed up the R&D and many research and indistrial opportunity exist in nanotechnology. Here organizations and websites in the area of nanotechnology are listed. Creative Design Compact Photocatalyst Ionizer Air Purifier, 7 Step Adjustable LED Desk Lamp, Nanotechnology and Fashion Design, No Consumable Item USA National Nanotech Initiative (NNI) http://www.nano.gov Food Read full article »

Flexible Display (AMOLED) Business is growing in China

Display technology has been progressed from heavy and big CRT to thin and potable flat panel display (FPD). FPD consists at least two types: TFT-LCD and AMOLED. Typical flexible display players are SONY, sharp, Samsung, LGD, Plastic Logic, UDC,  AUO and etc. Products such as G Flex by LG, curved OLED TV, Galaxy Edge, Galaxy Gear Fit, Galaxy S6 Edge by Read full article »

Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) Research Groups and Companies

Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) is one of the lithography technique where a predefined mould is used to mechanically create nanoscale (including microscale and even bigger) patterns. It is a very promising lithography technique to provide low cost while efficient nanopatterning. NIL has been proposed by Prof. Stephen Chou from Princeton University many years ago, and now it has evolved to many Read full article »

Ultrasonic technology at home

It has been a long history that nanotechnology professsionals use ultrasonic technology, for sample ultrasonic agitation to clean substrate surface, promote particles or molecules diffusion, and so on. Rcently It has drawn my attention that ultrasonic technolgoy has been applied to the consumer market as well. Two feature examples are the use of ultrasonic technology to clean teeth and face/skin. Philip is markting Read full article »

The Origin, Development, and Future of the Lithium-ion Battery

A conference on the research of Lithium-ion battery was held in the AT&T center at UT Austin campus. Detailed information can be found through following link. http://lithium.eventbrite.com/?utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=event_reminder&utm_term=event_title The world lithium-ion reasearch leaders, including Jonh Goodenough, Rachid Yamazi., et al, gave their wonderful review and projection of the battery technology. The conference covers wide range of battery topics, giving a whole view of Read full article »