Graphene research has helped two physists Andre Gein and Konstantin Novoselov from University of Machesterwin the Nobel Prize in physics this year.

Graphene material is a planar structure where carbon atoms form hexagonal cells through sp2 bond. Graphene is recogonized as it has many super electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. It is strongly beleived that graphene materials will revoluze the way we use materials.

Although Graphene is very promising, it is augued that the application of gaphene is a long way ahead and five to ten years time frame may be needed to explore the really huge impact of this material to our life. It seems a lot of researchers don’t suspect that graphene research may win a Nobel Prize. However, this award supprised many people simply because it comes too early.

The Nobel Prize winners’ work involve the mechanical exfoliation of graphite by using tape. In the practical application, the approach is far primitive that further ability to grow graphene material is needed. Many other groups made significant contrubition to the material preparation.

The positive side of this award is that it will further stimulate the nanotechnogy research as well as the graphene material research.